We here at Next Chapter Radio Network (NCRN) are embarking on a new venture along with our already current media projects. ​

As you may or may not know, we here at NCRN (Next Chapter Radio Network), break out relevant topics involving everyday issues with a biblical perspective; while exposing the devils devices in the process. This has become our main focus in everything we do. This is why we are in the process of completing our very first documentary concerning one of these devices… 5G. Now I know most people have no idea what that is but we are going to expose the mental and physical health issues concerning this new technology. So coming in the Fall of 2019 is our new documentary called “The New Towers Of Babylon – 5G” – Episode 1. This documentary will show the affects of this technology on the world as we know it. ​

5G technology has been widely miseducated to the general public and the majority of people believe that it is strictly for cell phone data use and emergency services. Little do they know that it’s much more then just a simple cell phone enhancement or 911. 5G has the capability of causing severe physical health and mental problems through radiation absorption which also has been known to affect our nervous system in ways unknown. Not to mention that it has never been tested on human beings and other biological creatures for long term effects by the FCC. But there are many independent studies that show the actual harmful affects of the radiation.

5G will also work together with chemtrails which is spreading nanotechnology on all biological life. This is now affecting the food, the air, and seeping into the ground. Heavy metals are increasing in our bodies because of this atmospheric change. ​

That’s what 5G is, it’s an upgrade from 4G and has a greater radiation absorption rate to the human body, deadlier if you will. ​

I hope this has shed some light on the situation. We are trying to create a movement to expose the devils devices, and it is a major game changer. ​

Oh also if you have a smart meter in your home, it is a carcinogenic, mainly because it works at 60hz which causes cancer for the electromagnetic field that it produces. Just thought you’d like to know.


FEATURING: Justen Faull, Wes Faull, Torrey Trogdon and Branden Simeon

Written & Directed by Mary Cali & Torrey Trogdon

Edited by Mary Cali

Filmed by Ciara Gates

Produced by Mary Cali Released by NCRN Films