Our faith and belief will never change

01. We are a faith-based on-demand radio network, that believes in every word of the KJV Bible, which is the Word of God. This gives us the ability to expose that which is false in the world.

02. We refuse to be syndicated and come under FCC Regulations regarding speech. We believe in free speech and are not paid to broadcast according to sponsors or affiliates request and stipulations. In other words, you can’t buy us.

03. We are not politically correct according to the world’s standards. We speak the truth regardless of the media’s agenda to control information to the public.

04. We are born-again believers in Jesus Christ, completely sold out. We have no respective persons. We treat everyone with love and respect, but we are firm on issues.

05. We tell it like it is, so if you can’t handle the truth, then this network is not for you