NCRN FILMS is a Maryland -based cinematography and film production service focused on producing and creating unique and authentic, cinematic films and commercial content.

We work with clients to bring events and ideas to life using a detail-oriented or cinematic approach to every project, regardless of size.

​NCRN Films was founded in 2019. Since then we’ve created 3 feature projects with many more to come.  From birthday events to commercials and marketing videos,  our work will continue to show unique quality that will land NCRN Films on many platforms in the future. Our new feature documentary, “The New Towers Of Babylon – 5G (The Devils Devices)” will be released in the fall 2019.

​Our services cover all stages of production whether that be early development and conceptualization stage or the final touches in post-production. We regularly conceptualize, produce, direct, shoot, edit, and color grade video and film content but we are also happy to step in at any stage of the creative process to offer our services.

​Interested in working with us? Contact us today to get your next project started.


At NCRN Films, we collaborate with you to make your project  have the style, look and feel that not only captures your creative intentions but also meets industry standard technical requirements.

We understand that details matter and we aim to create work that is not only beautiful and precisely crafted but also captivating and focused on the meaning of the project. We’ve trained and practiced extensively across many platforms. Our flexibility across platforms ensures that we can tackle projects from many sources. Technical issues won’t hinder  our creative work.

Platforms: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019, Adobe After Effects CC 2018, Adobe Audition, Adobe Bridge CC 2019, Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, and Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019.

Through our experience with documentary film, commercials, and videos, we’ve developed a workflow to conform, color grade, and finish projects of all shapes and sizes. Working with industry-leading software, we shape the look and tone of your project to deliver broadcast and cinema (if needed)  quality results.

Our services include Color Grading, and Digital Delivery.