Mukisa Childcare Ministry 

Uganda, one of the most underrated and beautiful places in this world that God created. With its magnificent Victoria Falls, which feeds the Nile River, to its rich soil, bountiful resources and unique people. This country has been both and blessing and a curse because of the exploitations of its resources and its people. Thus making it hard for those who dwell there; and when there’s exploitation in comes corruption. Life in general has become subject to interpretation these days among people, but despite what we interpret the fact remains the same.

Statistics show that:

Population: 38 million Life Expectancy: 55 years
Literacy Rate:
Average Annual Income (GNI):

And all because of greed. This has costed a domino effect, right down to the very least, I’m talking about the children.

Mukisa Childcare Ministry (MCM) is one of many orphanages in the country of Uganda. This facility of abandon children (as society would list them) was originally organized by a Pastor by the name of Mulawa Alimwingiza Patrick. This pastor made it a point to follow the scriptures and look after abandon children until his death. Mukisa happened to be one of those children that became part of this makeshift orphanage (which had no name at that time).

You see, Mukisa had the unfortunate experience of losing his parents due to an auto accident; he was only seven years old. And like some African villages, an orphan child can be seen as a lot of things. But when you live in a village where hard times along with superstition plays a part in your decision making; most people will do a hard pass on taking in another mouth to feed.

The pastor took care of Mukisa and the other children for five more years until his passing from HIV at the age of fifty-one years old; Mukisa was only twelve years old. After the pastor died, the pastors brother took over; but four years later tragedy would plague this tiny orphanage once more. The pastors brother passed away from complication of Malaria; leaving sixteen year old Mukisa in charge of the orphanage. That’s a lot of responsibility for a very young adult; but he remember all that the pastor and the pastors brother taught and did for them.

You see, this pastor kept the children fed, clothed and protected as much as he could under the circumstances. He wasn’t a rich man; he was poor himself, but the call to help the innocent was more important than anything that he was going through. He also made sure that they knew about Jesus and taught them to depend on Jesus for everything. He taught them to honor, praise, worship, glorify, and to trust Jesus with all their heart.

Mukisa is still running the orphanage today with the same mindset, even though he suffers from heart problems which limits what he can do on his own. After all, he knows what it’s like to be on the streets. It’s hard, scary, lonely, dangerous, and sad. He’s doing his best to make sure these kids don’t go back on the streets, but he can not do it alone, he needs our help. He needs your help.

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