Recent Events

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The orphanage is suppose to be a refuge for children who have no living or willing relatives to take care of them. It’s a place where they are suppose to be safe from harm, but sometimes you can’t keep always keep them safe, because sickness will and will happen; especially when you Don’t have the proper resources. 

Mary – 8 Years Old
She had Malaria and had to go to the hospital. She was very sick; urinating blood. She was able to get the medical care need and is now well.


Trying to take care of 35 kids is no easy task; but it’s even harder when you get sick. The children depend on you for everything; water, food, shelter, and protection. For those of you who are familiar with Mukisa’s, you already know about is health condition ( read the story on the orphanage page). 

He was also sick with Malaria and was was bleeding from his nose. Had a fever, and weak. He was able to get the medical care he needed, and is now doing fine.

Former Orphan and Owner

This smile you see, has always been there. There were times when you saw more tears than anything, mainly because the orphanage was always struggling to pay rent. Well, those days are over, and they will no longer wonder if they will have to leave because they can’t pay rent. Finally, a smile a little angels face.

Mary – 8 Years Old
She is holding the final agreement of the purchase of the orphanage and the 2 acres of land that it sit on.
No more paying rent and being threaten by landlords.